What up riders, and yes I know what you're thinking, " Dayum this cat has done another tour"...And the answer is YES.  That's right, I've
managed to navigate the mighty ZX-14 on another Alpine adventure and this time bringing along two newcomers, Micheal Rinck and Steve

We had about 4 really good day and a few that were really crappy but that didn't stop us. It changed the main plan, but you know what they
say.."When you get lemons, make lemonaid...or in our case, when the sky gives you rain, put on your rain gear (he he).

The plan was to hit the northern south side of Austria and then drop into Slovienia snaking back up into Italy and then on to Switzerland, but
as I said, when the skys give you rain...However, we had mor than rain to deal with, we had high winds, lightning, and in some cases heavy
rain. But you know how "Wild Hogs" do it, they eat whatever slop that's in front of them. I have no issues with riding in the rain, you just
have to decrease your speed.

At the end of each day we had a warm bed (when not camping), hot shower, and cold beer...Is life really so bad?
Steve Vasilatos, but the world knows him as Mr. Mechanic, no matter where you are if your bike breaks all he needs is a beef jerky
wrapper and a rock to fix it. McGuyver got nothing on Steve. This was his 3rd long trip with me, and theres nothing like rolling with a level
headed rider.
Mike Rinck A.K.A Mr. Easy Ryder, you can throw anything at him and he'll take it smooth and easy...That is with the exception of a 1200
mile motorcycle ride. Let's just say Mike was rode hard and put away with a few stitches (ha ha).  But really, if there's a world record for
saying "Wow" in one day, I know he's the new record holder (ha ha).
Well, now that you've met everyone, let's enjoy some pictures. I'll try to let the pics do the talking, but if there's a story
to tell you'll know about it (he he)...And there will be stories...
After leaving the Camp site we rode around Konstance for a bit looking for the ferry crossing. We came upon this large woman holding a
priest in one hand and a congressman in another, there's a story that goes with this but for the life of me I can't remember what it is...
Oh well, so much for the story, let's get on the ferry and beat feet across the boden see for Austria.  I forgot to mention, at this point Plan
"A" is still in tact because it hasn't started raining yet. Oh blue sky and endless possibilties.....if we only knew what was around the corner...
As we cross over, others are coming back home. This is a continious journey for motorcyclist.
Finally off the ferry and heading down the Deutsche Alpinestrasse. This road actually snakes from The Bodensee all the way to Bertches
Garten. the place where Hitler had his watch tower..The Eagles nest.
Just imangine traveling mile after mile with no stop signs, no stop lights and it's not the Freeway or autobahn...This is all backroads baby....