First major trip on the ZX-12R, a two week adventure to the Alps
Not a very good picture, but this was my first organized trip since being back in Germany. An all day ride to the
Black Forest on 14 April 2007
Man this was a great trip, 13 riders out..13 riders in. Unfortunately two weeks later I would be in for the fight of
my life
Two weeks after my famed Black Forest run, I was taken out by a cager who turned in front of me,
Continued on his way and left me for dead, and actually I was dead. I flat lined twice, once on the way
to the hospital and again after my first surgery. My body badly damaged and my bike destroyed....
will I ride again?
Photo Album
4th day of my Alps trip, came over the summit on the Susten Pass and this glorious
sight awaited me. This is what I see when I think of Sport Touring.  Oh yes, ignore
the date stamp, I had to change batteries and forgot to set the date. I'm in Europe
who cares about the dates.