Honda Hight Hawk 750 S
1984 Honda Night Hawk S
The Beginning of many good things
Honda VFR 750
GOD protects babys and fools.
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Well it's been about 14 years since I called myself riding my cousins
Honda CB250 only to run into a tree  two minutes later.

Jan 5, 1986, and I've enlisted into the U.S. Air Force. Not ready for the
world, but more than ready to be out on my own. After a year on post I
started to mesh into my own person, and as luck would have it the
friends I met were into motorcycles. No longer under my mothers roof
and rules I decide to meet my destiny head on and get a motorcycle.

Step 1. Take the three day motorcycle safety course
Step 2. Buy first motorcycle, a 1984 Honda Nighthawk S.

Not sure if it was mentioned that the safety course is not like the
street, if they did mention it I didn't hear it. But somehow  I managed
to navigate my first bike home which was truly the beginning of the
journey. Not being much of a thrill seeker, i took it very easy those
first few months and had loads of fun in Lubbock Texas. The bad part
is the more experienced I "thought" I had become, the crazier I got.
Which brings me to the beginning of my stupid years. Yes, riding in
shorts, speeding, riding with no helmet, and don't even bring up gear.  
Did I mention stupid?  Lucky for me this phase lasted only a few
weeks and all it took was an exhaust burn on the leg to brand some
sense into me (ha ha), yes pun intended.  After that torching of flesh I
said I would never ride in shorts again, and while I'm at it might as
well wear my helmet, didn't know it at the time, but that would be a
decision that would safe my life many times over the next few years.

Life was good and I was really getting into the joys of motorcycling,
then my bike started making this clattering noise in the engine bay.
Come to find out there was a worn connecting rod that needed
replacement. I decided to have a go at it and took the engine apart and
separated the parts. Off to the shop I go to order the replacement rod
and when I got back home my son had decided to play "mix the parts"
with my engine parts. Oh well I called the salvage yard and told them
to come pick up some junk.

Feb 1990 I had orders to England and choose to take a little time off
and worry about a bike later. June 1994 while at Edwards Air Force
Base, I got the bug again and decided to get a buy a Honda VFR 750.

My how GOD protects babys and fools.