Honda CB250
Anthony, just let it roll and don't shift gears.
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Aw man, the Pacer Moped, once again it wasn't mine
but I had many rides on it. This beauty belonged to my
aunts boyfriend and I had no problem being his flunky
with daily store long as I could ride his

The moped became popular in the U.S., during the
1970 gas shortage, things were crazy for a minute with
mile long gas lines and fights at the gas station, people
were scared and thought America was going to run out
of gas.

Enter the Pacer Moped, you could fill up for less than
$2.00 and you got over 50 MPG. You couldn't get on
the freeway with it, but it was a big saver on the budget.
My best memory of this little ride was when I had to go
to the store for Walter, and some gang bangers tried to
rush me and take it, I didn't think this little thing was
that fast, but it was fast enough to save me from a beat
down. Off into the distance I escaped with a middle
finger in the air.  Just like Rossi did to Biaggi in one of
the Moto GP races.

As the years passed, bikes became more popular in my
life. Next up is the Honda CB 450 belonging to my
cousin Carl. I liked this bike because it reminded me of
Happy Days with the "Fonz" saying, "AAAAAAA".
My first true motorcycle experience, and one that
would be the last for many years to come, but it was to