Well the morning started out with me washing my bike before the ride, and as I came out of the wash stall, I couldn't help but
see these two jewels. I've seen the house before, but never cars parked out front. It must be nice rolling like that.  And I'll be
honest, I was envious for a second, and then I thought over a million dollars worth of car, and you still have to sit in traffic..
I'll take my baby girl any day of the week.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to drive a Lambo,  but there's nothing like piloting
your own rocket.AND I GET BETTER GAS MILLIAGE. Of course the quarters are a little cramped, but who gives a $hit..
Oh well, enough of drooling over cagers, it's time to beat feet up the road, I'm leaving my town of Rodenbach for the day, and if
I'm lucky maybe I'll find a great place to stay.
Destination...this way, and I'll figure out where I'm going once I get there. But in the mean time I think I'll travel through the
And over the hill to grandmother's house I go (ha ha). I decided to plug in my navi and choose the option of all back roads to see
where it would take me. I put in Bacharach and off I went.
Today I'm heading to Limburg, Germany and since it's in the general direction of next weeks ride to Koblenz, I decided to do a
recon of the planned route to Koblenz. I can only scout up to Bacahrach because when I get there I have to cross the Rhine
river over to Lorsch and continue on to Limburg. I was very pleased with the recon from Rodenbach to Bacahrach and if the
weather holds up, this will make for a great weekend ride. For those that want to snake this route, setup your navi for all back
roads and then set the destination for Bacahrach. I would suggest bringing along a map as well so you can detour on the twisty
bits through the mountains. I hope you enjoy the pictures..As always, where will you ride today?.
Oh yes, this is going to be good.  I see there is a need for a navi, it takes out all the guess work and all I do is follow the
instructions. I never knew these roads were back here.  Oh yes more fun indeed.
Yeah, all I'll say is look at the red sign