Honda CB 250
Honda Nighthawk 750S
I think I've arrived, finally my first motorcycle
Mother, the Sleeper has awakened!
Honda CB250
The first time I felt real power.
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Yeah baby, finally my cousin Carl is letting me ride his
motorcycle. I've been on the back for a few rides and I loved
the feeling, but now I'm going to pilot this bike. He gave me
about 20 minutes of instructions with the most important
being about the gears, brakes and this throttle thing. He told
me not to twist it and not to shift gears. Just let the bike coast
and when I get ready to stop, pull in the clutch and press the
brakes. I watched how he put it in first gear even though he
told me not to mess with the clutch with the exception of
squeezing it before I hit the brakes. He let me go and I was off,
coasting down the open field with the wind in my hair and my
cousin holding on to the back seat to ensure I didn't fall.  But
hey I didn't need him I was a natural at this...I can ride, so
seeing how he switched gears, I switched into second and
revved the throttle. Soon after my adult gusto was replaced
with my youthful reality of me not knowing how to ride. I was
not prepared for the on rush of power and speed and it caught
me off guard. Although I was happy and scared at the same
time it didn't take to long to realize
I didn't have the skills to

To make a long story short, I got scared, lost control and ran
into a tree with minimal damage from the wreck and I will not
go into what my cousin did and said to me (ouch). Later I
realized I deserved it because I did everything he told me not
to do, what can I say it was the power man.

Needless to say he had to tell my mother what happened which
led to more smacking on the bottom and a ban from riding
motorcycles unless I was on the back as a passenger.

But it was too late, bruised ego and scraped knees I was
hooked on two wheels and wanted to fell the rush of power
again. That would not come to be until 14 years later when I
joined the U.S. Air Force on Jan 5, 1986.

June 1987 I would by my first motorcycle, A 1984 Honda CB
750 Nighthawk S, mother the Sleeper has awakened (he he)