Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R
2004 Kawasaki ZX-10R
Where's my dam bike!!!
Kawasaki ZX-9R
The best all around bike
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With the purchase of my ZX-9R came the beginning of many new things.
The first difference was I was no longer in a Cafe racer stance, the 9R  
provided an upright riding position that gave me a very relaxed riding
style which made me not so aggressive on the road and at the same time
improved my riding two fold. Not saying I was ready to take on Rossi, but
once I got the ZX-9R I was in motorcycle Bliss. But rest assured in no way
have I mastered the art of motorcycling. I even got to the track every now
and then, but soon came to the realization that racing is not my thing,
especially since I don't have a sponsor. If I crash I just have another
crashed bike. No I've started riding into the distance with the desire to
know what's around the next corner. I wanted to ride far and high but at
that time I had no idea how far I wanted to go.

Then came a little motorcycle angel. I hadn't seen one of my friends in
about two weeks and then he magically popped up again. Being kind of  
concerned, I went to Cedric and asked him where had he been and he told
me he went tot he Alps in Switzerland..I simply asked "what's that"?

He said he couldn't explain it's something I need to see for myself and
wanted to know if I was interested in going? I told him sure and that's
when we made plans for my first European Tour through Europe and I still
remember the first time I traveled to the Alps! Needless to say I've been
hooked ever since. I had found my knack for riding and it was called Sport
Touring. Within two years I had logged over 50,000 miles on my 9R and it
was begging for more.  I traveled to Italy, Austria, France and many other
countries. Yes this is how I wanted to ride, far into the distance and high
into the mountains.

After this trip I fell in love with Europe and wanted to live here forever, but
it was not to be. January of 2002 I received orders to Langley in Hampton
VA, and I was not looking forward to it because Germany was now my
home and I didn't want to leave. But it didn't matter because I was enlisted
in the USAF and I had to go to my next destination.

Langley was not that bad and I found many places to ride, nothing like it
was in Germany but I made it my own. Fast forward a two years and my
ZX-9R is on it's last leg, but hey with over 150K miles it's no surprise. Well
off to the shop I go and I think I'll go up another 100cc and buy a ZX-10R.  
Another great motorcycle but my time was very short lived with the 10R, I
had my bike for 6 months and then someone decided they wanted my
bike more than I did. A thief had stolen my motorcycle. BASTARDS!!

At this point I was through with the ninja's and tried out a Suzuki GSX-R
1000, what in the hell have I done. It's a great bike, but it's just not for me, I
need a ninja. But in the meantime I'm stuck with this GSX-R.  But all is not

I've received orders back to Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Let the
games begin again.