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My life in Germany is so frickin sweet.
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With my foolish ways behind me I'm really enjoying this sport
called motorcycling. I've had a few track days and even went out
and purchased some leathers. I'm now reading Keith Codes "Twist
of the Wrist I and II, and I read, read, and re-read this book till this
day. I now ride with common sense because I want to live and
enjoy motorcycling.

I made my first Cross country trip on the ZX-7R, we went from
Ramstein Germany to Pisa, Italy and it was the worst trip of my life.
Yes it was an adventure but to be left in the dark by riders you went
with was not cool and I was fumeing with anger. I vowed that once I
got home, I would never venture out with these guys again.  
Keeping with my word, I departed from these riders and got with
another bunch of people that enjoyed the sport. We had loads of fun
as well, but we never did much traveling. Most days we rode the
same roads over and over till we got tired and returned home.

I never liked riding like this but I didn't want to ride alone either, till
one day I rode out and found myself at the Black Forest and had
made it there via the back roads of Germany. I returned telling
many of my new found joy but it never kicked off like I had planned

Well, Demons have returned, while on my way to Trier I low sided
on a twisty bit of road and slid into oncoming traffic. Cars zooming
buy and I'm doing everything I can not to get ran over. Not that I
was riding crazy, but I will admit to entering to hot which cause a
low side wipe-out. Yes, I'm still here and used the lesson as
something to grow from, now i know how important it is to set up
for a turn before you enter (smile).

I salvaged the bike and sold it for $5,000, hmmm, do I dare try a
Kawasaki ZX-9R..

Heck yeah, man this bike rocks...Oh I think I will ride forever.

You been to the Swiss Alps, What's that?