Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R
2007 ZX-14
I'm back with a new lease on life,

Motorcycle:  Totaled

Ninjadad: Concussions, Two broken arms, 4 cracked ribs,
collapsed lungs, broken right foot and left pinky finger,
and open lacerations on my Left Knee.  Induced Chemical
Coma for 4 days to aide in healing and Trach so I could
breath. "AND" to top it all off I flat lined twice. GOD is

What can I say I'm just addicted to your love and I can't
leave you alone, motorcycling is in my blood even if
some dripped on the street as I lay for dead on 14 April
2007. After I was able to walk I had to get another bike,
and it came in the form of a ZX-14. Once again I was ready
to tour. I'm not going to lie, the first time I through my leg
over the seat and sat in the saddle I was scared. But I
knew at that moment if I didn't ride this day I would never
ride again. Turn the key, hit the start button, twisted the
throttle and I've never looked back.

If you want to hear my story of the other side just ask me
and I'll tell you.  Till then I'm going to ride till I can't ride no

The only difference in my ride is now I ride with one eye
on faith and the other on Mr. Murphy

All this talk and I forgot to talk about the ZX-14, what can I
say this is one heck of a bike and once again I'm riding
into the sunset.

$hit...I got orders back to the States, WTF!!!
5 Months after I lay in the hospital fighting for my life, I'm of