Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R
2005 ZX-12R
Yes this one is mine fresh off the showroom

AHHH! the good life, November 2005 and I'm back home in Germany,
first course of action, "sell the GSXR and get a 2006 ZX-10R..Well ok
I'm lying, first course of action is to process into the base and then
buy my ZX-10R (LMAO)! And just like that "things change".

After eyeing the 10R, this beautiful black bike caught my eye, it was
a new 2005 Kawasaki ZX-12R and it wanted me, and I wanted it to. Oh
man where has this bike been all my life, I could travel be sporty and
all with the comforts of home...Yes the ZX-12R was it.

After the first ride this was the bike for me, all these years trapped
on a liter bike knowing all along I wanted to tour and finally I have
something to tour on. It's not a big sport tourer but for me it was just
right and I would travel to the ends of Europe on this bike. I've had
the pleasure of touring on a ZX-6R, 7R, 9R, and just this past year in
2006 I took a GSXR-1000 to Deals Gap. Now with the 12R I get to tour
in comfort and I'm in Germany.  Euro Tour 2006 here I come.

GSXR sold and
2006 EuroTour completed and bike was put away for
winter. Man time is moving fast, just last year I was in Virginia and
now here I am in Germany again. 5 months later Spring arrives and
I'm first out the chute with a group ride to the Black Forest and I had
started daily rides after work which I started calling RAW (Ride After
Work) reports. Well if you read
Idar-Oberstein RAW Report you know
I didn't make it back home and my ZX-12R was totaled. But more
importantly I was glad to be alive.

Within a year of getting the bike I'd always wanted, I now lay in a
hospital bed fighting for my life and one question on my mind.

Will I ride again?
OK Sports fans this is a bad one, I broke both
arms, 4 ribs, right foot, open gash in my right
knee, Collapsed lungs, flat lined twice and
spent 4 days in a coma.
All this and I still love to ride.