Oh!! What's a set of Antpics without the money shot. Look at the above pictures for a minute..... Can you tell there a
reflection in the windo of the building?  The reflection is from the building that's across from the church, I bet you
thought I was looking through a  window didn't you (ha ha).  Yeah...the MONEY SHOT baby.
Just on a whim I decided to go for a ride and ended up in Wetzlar Germany.
As you can see, the weather didn't look to promising, but it looked like the rain was moving away. If you look in
the direction of the rain shower, that's where I want to go
But it's all good, let the rain come I'm ready for it as you can see by my bag of tricks
Hey good news, as I got closer to Wetzler the clouds were gone. Yes, I had seen this castle about 2 or three months
ago and always wanted to get a picture of it.
But when I finally made it there and walked into the city I saw that it wasn't a castle but a cathedral.
The architect back in the day is something to marvel at and I'm amazed to know that these buildings were built in the
late 1800!!!! And there still standing......yes, any excuse for a ride.
Wanting to see the other side, I walked down some alleys that went around the church, bringing me to the other side
I  Zoomed in on one of the Gothic creatures and it reminded me of a Nazi soldier, I don't know maybe it was the
builders way of saying the soldiers are asking for forgiveness, but they are doomed to hell for what they did to the Jewish
And now with the sun setting and the storm clouds moving back in, I find myself heading home and fortunately the
storm had bypassed K-Town by the time I made it home

For more on the Cathedral I visited, you can check it out at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wetzlar_Cathedral

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time.