Days later I awoke in the Marburg Clinic with Broken arms, ribs and a broken foot. The doctors informed me my lungs had
sending my body into a shutdown mode due to a lack of oxygen and all other types of nasty things, but with the grace
of God,
and good doctors I made my way through the battle.

I lost my ZX-12R in the accident, and seeing the
pictures I realized I was very blessed to be alive. Initially I didn't think I was  
going to ride again
, my right hand was not responsive, but it slowly got better. When I was able to walk I purchased my 07 ZX14
and continued my motorcycle journeys. This upset a lot of family members, but they didn't understand my desire and passion
for the ride...all I can tell them is I will be a safer rider...promise.

Hind site being 20/20, I should of just stopped and waited for the driver to flag me around but it is what it is at this point.
Just remember that golden rule people...give no one the benefit of doubt. A
lways assume they do not see you.
words spoken after gaining consciousness, upon gaining my senses I realized this was a hospital room
and one of my worse fears had come true
... I've crashed and this accident is the type most riders never
recover from
. As the days past there was only one thing on my mind.   
Will I ever ride again?
I'm alive and blessed...I look bad here but oh it was so much worse. I had battled Mr. Murphy and lost. Injuries sustained
were both arms
broke, fractured ribs, broken right foot and bruised heart and lungs. Day 3 I'm looking like a million bucks,
but on day four
my lungs collapsed and my body shut down. I don't know the rest of the story because I blacked out and
didn't wake for another 4 days, in hospital terms they induced a chemical coma to help me heal. I awoke in Marburg Klinic a
special German Respiratory hospital
that saved my life. While I was under they went in and inserted Titanium rods in my
and staples everything back together that's why you don't see any cast on my arms. I'm alive but my right hand is not
What a great morning it was on April 30, 2006...up for work and the sun is shinning, there was a nice cool breeze blowing and
was a good day to ride. Unfortunately work was in the way and I couldn't ride till that afternoon. The day flew by and
before you know it I was headed home to put on my full leathers and hit the streets.

Half way home I remembered
my camera was need to go home for leathers. My leather jacket, gloves, work boots
and pants
should be fine. I found myself heading towards Idar-Oberstein, Germany a lovely town about two hours from
Ramstein Air Base. Man this was great, no problems at work, sun was shining, and
darkness didn't fall until 10pm...Yeah this
was going to be a great ride.

I snapped a few more pictures and headed down the twisty road
for the B-270 leading to Idar-Oberstein. The stretch was long
and straight so I put my camera up
, a few minutes later I noticed a car ahead of me in the same lane and it was not moving. As
I got closer
I put my left blinker on to split lanes, and all hell broke loose...  I stepped out to pass the car, and as I did it started
moving and decided to make an illegal left
turn in front of me. Having room I turned my bike back to the right in hopes of
missing the car, but the driver decided to turn back right as well and then stopped in front of me causing me to make contact
with the rear left side of his car.....that was my last memory.
Finally my ride had arrived. I was going slow and staying local for the most part, then I decided to do a weekend burn to the
in Garmisch. In my mind I was going to cast out the demons of the motorcycle crash.
Well, with bags packed and the desire to ride, I made it to Garmisch in about 5 hours and the Zugspitse was next up. You can't
see it, but there in the clouds is the top of the mountain that I want to conquer.
Almost there, just need to make it around the
I made it to the mouth of the mountain, but it's a little to late to head up so I checked into a nice little hotel for the night, had a
nice lunch and a very very good nights sleep I look a little rough,but hey I'm a motorcyclist what do you expect (ha ha)
Yes if you look real hard you can see me (smile). This is the mountain I came to conquer and the sights around these parts are
That's right folks, you can only get were I'm going by cable car, I asked the guy if I could ride my motorcycle to the top and he
just shook his head. But yes, over 3,000 meters high, and this is only "ONE" of the highetest points in Germany...or is it
Can you tell that I'm scared out of my mind, this picture was taken for me because I could'nt let go of the rail. We just left the
platform pictured in the background. So needless to say there's no turning around now.
We're pass the half way mark, and this is one of the old Air Stations which was burned down back in 1972 or something like
And not to mention my life is in the hands of this cable, it looks strong, but I remember years ago and F-4
Phantom came throughItaly on a low level flying mission and cut the cables sending travelers to there death.
Based on the two pics above, you can tell how far we've traveled, and this is to let you know that we're only almost there
Finally on solid ground...well somewhat, I'm just on a platform that's some3000 meters in the sky..But errr just don't look over
the edge
Needless to say I didn't follow my own advice and I had to look.  Holy moly, what a view!!!!!!!!
At one point I was so high up even the balloons couldn't reach me (ha ha)
Awesome views I know... I think my demons are gone, and if I can come this high in the air on some dang cables!!!!!  Oh I
know I can ride my dang motorcycle like I used to, click the heels three times and say take me home...take me home...
And POOF!!!  Just like that I'm headed back down to main land.  What a trip this was, and if all goes well I'll be back this way
next year.
But for now, it's time to grind the pavement and head home to K-Town
Riders, be safe out there, I'm here by the grace of GOD. Alive and blessed to see
another day. Wishing you all the best