Hours before the crash everything was right
with the world, sun shinning and reaps in bloom

Just like the engraving of a tattoo or a chiseled piece of concrete called a tombstone, April 30, 2007
will be forever etched in my mind as my "Wake up call", My once in a life time "Oh $hit" moment.
And I remember the day as if it were yesterday. Asking myself, "have I seen that which awaits me"?

As I lay in bed I'm wakened by a beam of sunlight coming over the horizon and through the window.
My eyes flicker and I awake with my first thought being "today is going to be a great day". Springing
out of the bed I head to the bathroom for the morning ritual of shaving, shower, and other duties
preparing for work. Yes, work is on my mind but so is the ride after work a new thing I started this
year called "RAW (rides after work) Reports", and it's basically that...a ride after work either by
myself or with a group of riders.

Arriving at work the first task is getting  the e-mail invite ready for the RAW ride to see If other
riders want to join in. After the e-mail, mundane task of  military duties begin,  tracking engine,
scheduling inspections and time change items as well as updating matrix charts and things of that
nature. Due to the amount of work, the day fly's by and before you know it lunch time is here. After
lunch I check e-mail for important taskers, and most importantly, see if riders want to ride...and it's
a big negative so looks like it will be another solo ride.

As the day wears on I start to experience an energy drain but decide to down a Red Bull to get me
through the  day. After work I started to blow off today's ride and go home for some good rest, but I
was already committed to the ride, and not to mention camera was loaded and the bike was ready to
rock. I'm in my leather jacket with my uniform so instead of doing a long ride with leathers I'll make
it a short RAW report, then off to the crib for a long nights rest.  Heading out the back gate of
Ramstein Air Base, I remember feeling tired and thought about going home for a quick minute, but
the sun was shining and it was a mild 70 degrees which is perfect for riding. And as I mentioned
earlier I'll only be out for a short while so no worries.

Today's destination will be Idar-Oberstein via the B-270, I'll take pictures along the way and after an
hour or two I'll head back home. For those of you that know me, you know that an hour or two ride
makes no sense to me...and this will become my downfall. B-270 turned out to be one hell of a ride
and loads of fun along the way. Seeing some nice sites, great roads with wonderful back drops.
Halfway to Idar-Oberstein energy levels dropped again, the red bull was wearing off. Needing to get
home, I called the ride and headed home. Besides, I had pictures and there's always tomorrow, let's
turn around and head for home, decreasing speed so I wouldn't do something else stupid, I had
already broken one rule, never ride while tired.  Be that as it may, I was here and I had to get home,
there's plenty of daylight and during the summer months of in Germany it stays light till 10pm, once
again no worries..

Heading back via B-270 I was on the stretch of road that was straight and clear, up the road about 500
meters or so I saw a car ahead and as I got closer I realized it was stopped in the street so I decided to
go around and keep moving towards home. About 100 meter or so out I put my blinkers on to make
sure he saw me getting ready to pass, I split lanes and started to go around and that's when things
started going wrong. The person in the car started to turn with no waring being 100 meters out I still
had time to go around, I cranked my bike back to the right to go around and the driver came back
into the lane! I initiated my turn back to the left but it was to late..I made contact with the car, felt a
slight nudge and uttered my last words.... "OH SHIT"!! I remembered seeing flashes of light and a
med tech telling me I would be all right. I blacked out and only remember what I'm about to tell you
after waking in the hospital three days later.

First sight is darkness. First scent is that of soiled earth. First sound is only the crunching of
something beneath my feet as I walk.

I awake to complete darkness and the smell of soiled earth, as I look around there's a faint light in
the distance. My destination is that way because it's the only marker other than the darkness that
blankets me, and for reasons unknown to me I am compelled to walk this way. As I start to move the
crushing sound of something startles me, not sure what it is but it's under my feet. Can't see for it's
to dark so i continue heading towards the light. Upon reaching the dim light there's a ledge you must
climb to reach it. Finally at the top of the ledge I reach out towards the light and it grows in intensity
becoming a bright flash. I turn away shielding my eyes till the flash goes away. Removing my hand
from my eyes I find myself on a vessel with a demon saying "You are now a soldier for the devil"
Everything you need you must fight for...Everything!

Strange thing is I'm not phased by the rants or by the fact that there's a demon in front of me. The
only thing on my mind is relieving my bladder so I get up to go find a bathroom. Upon my return
another demon is in my seat so I tell him to get up. He replies do you want to fight for this seat? I say
whatever, all I know is I'm tired and I want to sit down so you need to raise up. He frowns and starts
to gets out of my seat, but once his feet or hoofs hit the ground he keeps growing. So much so that I
find myself with my kneck tilted to the rear so I could see his face. He charges and punch me so hard
that I'm falling backwards to the ground. Bracing myself for the impact of the ground I realize that
I'm still falling. The demon has knocked me through the wall of the vessel, and I'm falling back to
earth as the ship flys off into the distance. Landing with a thud, a few minutes go by before catching
my breath. Coming to my senses I realize this is the same pit from moments before. Only this time
the light is a little brighter which brings into view that which I'm walking on. I see that I'm in a valley
and as far as the eye can see there are bones and skulls. Millions I imangine as I walk towards the
light and with every step it gets brighter and brighter.  As I walk evil spirits or ghost come from below
and try to drag me under, I grab a bone and slice away at arms and hands that try to drag me under.
Making it to the light, I again climb the ledge to the light only to be met by another bright flash. I
think oh no not again.

But this time I find myself on a  conveyor belt moving.  As I listen I hear running water and smell
soiled earth. As I continue to listen I hear someone saying next. As whomever says next I feel the
belt move. As I get closer I realize it's a man in tattered cloths dipping a dirty cloth in water saying
"NEXT"!  I get under him and he dips the rag into the water and brings it to my head as he looks
down. As his head drops I realize he has no eyes, but he looks into my eyes as if to look deep into my
soul. He then says "Why is he here? "It's not his time send him back". I float off the conveyor belt
and through double doors. There's a bright flash of light and I awake in the hospital. I'm scared and
confused about what's going on.

Deep within I know I have had my after death experience.

Deep within I know I have been to hell.

Deep within, I know there is life after death.
I'm awake and alive, but you have no idea what
I've seen
Words Not Needed