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GOD protects babys and fools.
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I've been back int he states for a few years now and the riding bug
has bit once again. Stationed at Edwards AFB I decided to purchase
a 1991 Honda Interceptor 750. But I was a fool only to be quickly
parted from this motorcycle. I got the bike in April of 1994, and by
September of the same year it was totaled. See what happened

No but really, upon meeting some friends I decided to trail them to
the local race track to see what it was all about, but I never made it.

On the way there I was doing my best to keep up with the pack but
it was no use there bikes were much faster. In a last attempt when I
saw there brake lights I cranked the throttle in the attempt to catch
up to them. When I realized it was a four way stop it was to late. Or
should I say not to late but more to the fact that I didn't have the
skills to do a high speed stop. With the rear brake pressed I slid
right through traffic hitting an embankment that launched me into
the air. I landed on my back and saw the bike follow moments later
with it landing just past my head.

I got up still in shock with a busted lip, broken arm, and a broken
bike. And I had but one thought, HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE! Being
a believer in God protecting babies and fools, I decided to stop
riding again thinking this was just not for me.

A little older and a little wiser, I didn't ride again till 3 years later
when I got orders to Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Once again I
met friends that rode, and once again I decided to get a bike. But
things were different, these guys were talking about safety and
track days and were really interested in the art of motorcycling.

I purchased a 1997 Kawasaki ZX-7R that year and I haven't had a
break from riding since. I learned that it was not about just riding a
motorcycle, but more of the fact of learning how to ride a
motorcycle with the understanding of this being a life long process.

I took my first motorcycle safety class in 1986, but didn't begin to
understand the nature of riding till 1997 while stationed in Germany.

Riding just keeps getting better.