My first assignment to Germany was 12 Feb 1996 and that
first year I spent time with a local group of riders called
Predator Racing, We spent our weekends looking for twisty
roads, and once we found that road hours were spent seeing
who could drag knees. This was not my thing but I went
along with the group because it's what we did. My mind was
always in the distance thinking of roads not traveled. But at
this time it was only a thought.

One of the riders Cedric was not with the crew for about
three weeks and upon his return I asked where had he been?
He mentioned he took some time off to go ride in the
mountains...The Swiss Alps....WHAT!!! And you didn't invite
anyone to come along. Well his reasoning was that these
guys didn't like to tour and he didn't want to waste his time
asking. Needless to say I was with him in the Alps a month
later. Oh the sites that layed before me. Twisty roads that ran
forever and mountain peaks that scraped the sky. It was on
that day, my first day in the Alps that I realized how I liked to
ride...far into the distance and high into the sky, I had
become a Sport Tourer. Or should I say a Sport sport tourer
for my first tour was on a Kawasaki ZX-7R and I loved every
frickin mile. To be out of my local area of Kasierslautern and
riding in Switzerland...just pure joy.

I still road on the streets with the group but my mind was
always in the Alps and I continued to do the trip for years to
come. I've lost most of my information due to a major web
site crash but I have the ones posted on the site which I hope
you enjoy.

2010 finds me in Northern California where I'll continue my
journeys and post the adventures as they come.
Trip Reports
Looking into the Susten Pass direction Andermatt Switzerland.
Finally, Dolimitten Mountains of Bolzano Italy. Man I love Europe