When the ride calls, it's up to you to answer..

I was on my way to the store for some meat when the "ride phone" started to ring. Being the person that I am, I had to pick
up.  Yo anthony what you doing, take the long way to the store, you can get the meat later...

With that said, and my camera already in my bagI decided to ride out to Trier
Hmmm, blue sky and sunflowers....I think it's safe to roll off the cuff
I remembered from one of my trips to Trier that there was a bridge that overlooked the begining of the city. Today I would
remember to stop at that bridge for a picture or two.
Don't know about money growing in trees, but I do know that every now and then you may find a city growing (ha ha)
The main bridge leading into Trier.
As I got closer to the city, I remembere the Porta Nigra that I never found. Today will be a good day to look for it.
Hey there's the sign!  Yes I think I'm on the right track.
Then I finally found the Gate and took a few pictures. For more information on this historic site, there's always Wikepedia
But to top it all off, these girls got in the way of the "Best shot of the Day" I just decided to put the picture up so you would
know who messed up the picture (ha ha)....Yes, and that's my story.
After the girls messed up my shot, I decided to put the Ninja back on the road heading back to Kaiserslautern for my meat
that I had planned on Bar-B-Qing. I had left the house at 9am, it's now 1pm., plenty of time to put some meat on the grill.
As I look down the road planning my next adventure, I ask myself is planning necessary? No not really, maybe I'll just lay my
map on the ground, drop a marker and see where it lands...That will be my next destination.