Today I'm in luck, I'll be riding for the first time with Josh Evans and
his mighty Suzuki Hayabusa, not that I have an issue with riding solo,
but I tell you it's always a joy sharing the road with a fellow rider, just
having the peace of mind of not being alone gives you an extra push.

Arrived at the normal meet spot at 0645 and Josh was there waiting
and ready to go, we hung out till the bewitching hour of 0700 and
then we pressed. Started out down Hwy 20 and connected with route
29 heading towards Middletown. No time for pictures on this stretch
because it's one of those roads you want to ride with no
interruptions, I'm sure I'll get up there one of these days to take a few
pics, just not today (LOL).  Josh was right behind me, and I'm sure he
loved the road as much as I did...At least I hope so.

After route 29 we connected to route 128 heading west with a straight
line lead in for 2 or 3 miles, then we were back in the twisties. We took
128 to Geyserville fueled up the body and bikes although it seemed
like a 2 hour wait at about slow service!!

Fueled up we headed toward Skaggs road. Man I tell you the road
began like a roller coaster and smooth as a baby's back side, a
scrumptious spaghetti sprung road that made you say OOOHHH!
WEEEE!!!  But this was not to last, after 15 miles or so the surface
turned to mush...Potholes and pitted tarmac, you really had to watch
what you were doing, all that said the road was still nice. If they ever
smoothed it out they would have to post cops there 24/7 because
riders would come for miles to ride this road.  I mean they already do,
but imagine if the surface was as smooth as a babies bottom.....

Skagg road opened up to Stewerts Point on Hwy 1, right to a
beautiful rest stop with gas, snacks and a restroom. If you bring your
own lunch there's a bench and grass area to take a quick nap before
you venture on...Ask Josh (LOL).

Well rested...somewhat, we road up the coast for a bit and then made
a trek for home via route 116. I plugged the home destination in on
the Tom Tom and this fricker routed us to Hwy 80 as the fastest way
home, I know that's a bunch of crock....Getting caught in the wine
traffic was something of a nightmare but all in all I think it was a great

Please enjoy the few pictures I took.  

I would say see you on the road...but I'm starting to know better.

Where did you ride today

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Stewarts Point via Skaggs Road
On Skaggs Road overlooking the Sonoma Valley.
Hmmm, I think Josh is Camera shy...oh well, I'll get him later.
Before stewerts point, the pictures started on Skaggs road. We pulled over to this Vista and took a few pics of the lake.
Not sure if you can see it, but  as I headed up the walkway to get a better shot of the Lake, I passed this view with the clouds
over the city,  that's the reason for this pic.  I need to get into a camera class to better utilize the camera I got for Christmas
LOL, I know Josh is thinking how in the hell did I get this picture...
And this one, remember the earlier vista we stopped at?  This is the view from the other side, after  riding up the hill for about
5 miles or so WALA!
From Skagg road to Hwy 1 we wide. All this no more than 3 hours from the base...well depending on which way you
go and the speed you're going.  For us it took a tad bit longer because we took the backroads so we could enjoy the

Other riders ask where I ride to?? When I tell them they say I'm crazy!!

And I say you're right.
Stewerts Point General Store, fine dinning and a place to rest. Right behind
me is a bench and a little field of grass to rest your head. What more could
a biker want.
Josh ripping up Skaggs road.  Well, not that we were going fast you know Air Force members never speed....  
Oh well, heading back inland away from the coastline.