Smartville Road
I'm the Road Warrior and I've come to Earth to no no no!
I'm the Dark Traveler and I've come from a land no no no!
LMAO!! Sorry about that, I was trying out a few names my
friend Gerald called me after reading the Hwy 36 story line.
Back in the day they called me "Sleeper", but you know
after years of living nick names have a way of just fading
into the night and then we start going by the name our
parents gave us. In saying that, my name is Anthony and
this is the beginning of California RAW Reports.

Lately work has been kicking my butt and I've been in a
slump as far as daily rides go. But today I get my Mojo back
Today I Ride After Work (RAW), first up is Smart Ville Road.
A nice little stretch of road outside the Doolittle Gate that
runs to Hwy 20, Left Yuba City, and right Grass Valley. It's
not much but it's a beginning, a beginning of something
that's long overdue.  
After riding in Germany for the last 5 years, Smart Ville
road is fairly straight, but the novice rider needs to keep
there wits about them because it can quickly become a
nightmare. Especially when you through in the few blind
slightly off-camber turns. But if you use the #1 rule you'll
be fine... Oh what's the rule..Ride within your limit, and if
you got something to prove take it to the track.
This is actually the first blind turn that you come to, and if
you look closely, you can see that it's slightly off camber.
Like I said it's a fun road just be careful.

Speed...well all I can say is you're suppose to follow the
posted speed's the law (LMAO)!!
But then you're thrown back into the twisty bits again. Like
I said it's not a long road, but it's quite fun for a ride after
After the first set of turns, be careful not to get carried away
because it opens up to a nice little straight away where you
can get a clip or two.
And what would a RAW be without a little bit of scenery. I
mean it's basically a house with a little pond in front, but
after riding through golden grass for the last 5 miles or so,
it's a treat to the eyes when you see something with color.
I finally made it to Hwy 20 and decided to make a right
heading towards Grass Valley for a fuel stop. I actually
turned on Pleasant View Road and was prepared to Gas and
go but noticed my battery on the camera was low.
Needless to say this road will make way for another RAW. I
gassed up and headed for home with Smart Ville road in my
rear view,
But just knowing I road after work was pleasing to my soul.

As always, where did you ride to today?