I call this route Sherman Pass because that's the
highlight of the ride. The fun stuff actually begins on 9
Mile Canyon Road which is located off the 395 near
InyoKern, California. When you first make the exit
you'll start a slight incline but by the 3rd or 4th turn I
urge you to look back. You'll see that your slight
incline was a serious one. As you make it pass the first
mountain range, the road will open up to fields filled
with green grass and trees. And amazing site I think.

9 Mile turns into Kennedy Meadows and soon there's
a turn off for Sherman Pass, I say soon but the actual
distance traveled from the 395 will be about 20 miles
or so. Just follow the signs and you can't go wrong.
Still climbing on 9 mile canyon and
as you can see the view is already
taking shape. This was my second
time on the road and it still pulls me
in and makes me forget about taking
pictures. Pavement is not the
greatest, but you can still move
along at a nice clip. Just be careful
of debris on the road and bears
darting out from the forest.
Do I really need to explain what's going
on back here?
Open fields with a dash of color. We're now on
Kennedy Meadows heading towards Sherman
Pass. So far it's all been worth the 2 hour drive
to get here.
Finally a hint that we're going in the right
direction (lol).
Entering the forest and this is where you have
to be careful of Bears jumping out. Nothing
to be scared of, just keep and open eye and
travel at the speed limit.
Soon you'll be at the summit of 9200 feet
overlooking mountain basin below and
Sherman Pass will put you out on M-99.
Right goes to Kernville, and a Left will
take you north.
Sherman Pass
Snake on down from the sumit and you'll run
into M-99, it's about 10 or 15 miles down hill,
not far at all.

Be sure to bring your lunch and water.