Well, I've finally started my motorcycle treks across California, and
today it's San Francisco. However, this was not your typical ride, we
actually had a "DRIVER" to come along with us. Yes I said
DRIVER!  While at work I happened to mention my weekend plans
of riding to San Francisco and a co-worker (TJ) wanted to join in, I
told him I ride a motorcycle and he said no worries, my wife and I
will meet you someplace for lunch. Now as a side bar we tried this on
a rideto the Red Wood Forest and it didn't go so well. I finally
joined him at work on Monday (ha ha)

This time we decided to meet up at TJ's house so we could all leave
together, and once we got moving I made the decision that since he
was with us, he's a rider as well. Two wheel or four he was part of the
group and my thing is not to leave anyone behind.

That being said, off to San Francisco we go for one hell of day. We
started on Hwy 20 heading for Lower Clear Lake and then on to
Middleton. Once pass Middleton we found Hwy 128 and all I can
say is "OMG" what a freaking delicious road this is...Hmmm, can I
say delicious? Oh well every fricking curve of this little stretch was
awesome. The only flaw is I didn't stop to take any pictures of it so
you'll have to make the journey on your own.
San Francisco bound we stop for a quick group photo. From
left to right, Veince,liah TJ, and me. Not my normal ride but
hey I want everyone to join in on the fun and since I can't get
any bikers to ride I'll get drivers to drive (ha ha).
TJ and his lovely wife.  Hmmm, I wonder if they rolled down the
window to pretend they were on motorcycles (wink)
TJ enjoying the backdrop
Vince just taking it easy as we stop for our first break.
San Francisco (Not your normal ride)
TJ and his lovely wife.
I wonder if I can fish over there?
Vince and his money shot
And when you get tired we'll stop for some Bad Ass Coffee
And of course yours truly....Anthony
What's up Beale riders, if interested in riding, and I mean seriously
riding,  drop me a line at ninjadad66@yahoo.com Solo or with a
group...I ride, and let's keep it real this is not a local run to Burger
King. From the desert to the mountains with a little ocean
coastline thrown in for fun..Are you ready.
Hey, finally made it to San Francisco and I really regret not
stopping to take pictures along the way. So needless to say I'll have
to do this ride again..
Motorcycle Ballet in San Francisco. One week only.
Just another day of Sport Touring...Where will you ride today?
If you've seen "Phantom of the Opera", you can't miss the
"Motorcycle Ballet" it's a hit and the #1 show across America.
We made it to Fisherman's Wharf and then on to Pier 39 for some
lunch. The food was alright but nothing to write home to mom
about. But I will say to those of you who have not tried oysters,
everything they say about this food is true. And I can tell you that
oysters and motorcycling don't mix (ha ha)
After Dinner Vince and I made a "B" Line for home because although we can ride at night, we don't if we can avoid it. Soooo
we increased our speed just a little, but this patrolman thought it was a lot so he gave us a little ticket.  Just kidding, this was
our personal escort, I have them on all my ride
s (LMAO)....Hope to see you on the next ride.