If you find yourself with a day to spare, I invite you to try out Route
128. You can get detailed information from the Pashinit motorcycle
site about this road, and if Mr. Pashnit has ridden it you know it's
worth the trip.

Since I'm in Plumas Lake, I normally head out Route 20 leaving Yuba
city. The ride on Route 20 is very tame to start, but after the 20 mile
trek to the foothills the corners of your mouth will start to fold
upward, this condition known as a smile will last for the next hour or
so and then get back to normal.

On the 20, make a left onto Route 53 and stay on it till it connects to
the 29. Stay on the ride to Middletown and then on towards
Calistoga..Send me an e-mail at ninjadad66@yahoo.com and let me
know what you thing..I'm here to tell you the condition above will
repeat itself. Only this time it will wrap around your neck. This road
rocks, but be careful, switchbacks snake up and down the hill, novice
riders need to stick to or below the speed limit...PLEASE!!!!

On this trip I made a little detour to Lower lake just to see what was
there, and to my surprise...It was the Lower part of the lake (ha ha)

With a good laugh about lower lake, I get back on the road with
direction to the twisties.  These pictures are mis-leading because it's
the more scenic shots of the area.  There's no time to take pics of the
switchbacks because to stop and take a pic will upset the rhythm of
the ride.  One of these days I'll ignore the force and try to stop for
pics (he he)

Yes, that's where the good stuff is, I'm telling you, make this trip and
you will not be disappointed.

Finally I take a few more pics and get back on the road heading
towards Lake Berryesa. 128 will take you all the way there and it's a
very nice ride through the wine country.

You don't have to zoom at warp speed or drag knees to have a good

All you have to do is get on your bike and ride.

This isn't Europe, but it sure is some dang good roads around these

Till next time, where did you ride to today?
Route 128