Today was a new discovery, for years I've been passing up small
roads leading into the mountains where farmers feed the cows,
chickens, pull hay bails and things of that nature.  To my surprise
It was a short cut around the mountain, a little Alpine pass and
the views were wonderful..  Not that the views are bad on the
normal roads, but it's just something about taking a sportbike on
roads you''re "not supposed to"
Taking a moment looking in the direction I want to travel. And
in the rearview...where I've been.
And not to mention the weeds matched my bike perfectely.  Yes, I
would call this a money shot for sure
I headed up the mountain on the Cow path (C-Road) and came
out on a solid road that I took back home going through
Baulmholder on the back roads. Funny thing is I found out that
Baulmholder leads to Altenglan that takes me to the B-270
heading home
Discovery of the C-Road
I really fell in love with the yellow weeds which I later found out
to be Rapes, which are used to make Bio Fuel here in Europe.