RAW To Kusel
Welcome to my first RAW report, the weather is a brisk 67
and no humidity. Perfect conditions for a ride, the sun is out
till 10pm and I can warp to about two or three villiages befor
dark if I'm not to tired from work.  Don't worry about long
story lines, these reports will be at a minimum 5 pics
unless I need more to capture the ride. That being said, I
give you RAW to Kusel.

The weather isn't to bad today so I head off to Kusel to see
what I can find. Heading out the East gate of Ramstein AB, I
take the first left going down the golf course rode till I get to
the first traffic circle where I take the first right to the main
road and then take the first right again which takes me to
another traffic circle. From here I follow the signs to Kusel.
It's been raining off and on all day, but the weather is finally
breaking and I see the sun,
I'm riding the 04 ZX-12R that I just I picked up after selling
my 04 GSX-R 1000. Why the switch? Well after years of
riding liter bikes. I purchased my first Sport Touring  sport
bike, but for me it's a sport tourer.
B-270 to Kusel is looking very nice, the roads are twisty
and the backdrops are filled with postcard like settings. I'm
having a great time throwing my beast into the curves. My
only worry is the fast approaching storm that's coming my
way. You know curves are good when it's dry, but when it
rains I get a little throttle shy. No worries today, the roads
twist and turn right out of the storm.
the rain is a little bit to much for me so I'm turning around
to head back home. I see a nice little road heading up the
hill...Hmmm, sounds like I have lots of work to do..   Man, I
really like this ride after work