Thanks for following my travels and I hope you're having a
wonderful time. Kaiserslautern was my home for 10 years
and it's a wonderful place to live and ride.

This week I'm heading down B-270 towards Quadersbach,
Last time I was out this way was about 4 years ago. When I
was stationed here last I called this place "My Play
Ground" off I ride to Johanniskreuz.
There are many ways to get to JK, and it dosen't matter which
way you take, they all begin with twisty sections of road (smile).
The only strange thing now is that they are cutting down trees
by the thousands. Years ago, you could very easily call this the
little Black Forest. But now I think they are making way for big
busniess.  Oh well, enjoy the road while it last.
In these parts, there is every type of turn you can imangine. This
particular one is an "S" turn followed by a decreasing radius down
hill turn. Oh the joys of motorcycling.
Once you reach this point, you're in the middle of JK, or what I
commonly call, "The Playground"  take your pick of roads, but
most just stay on the B-48 for a blasting motorcycle adventure.  
But people I warn you, please be careful. There are some really
nasty turns down here and if you don't know what you're doing,
then it could be lights out...FOREVER!!!

On any given Saturday or Sunday, this place is packed with
motorcyclist from all walks of life with one common interest.  
Riding motorcycles.  Oh by the way, the food here is excellent
(smile))  See you on the next RAW.
Hey, you know I had to take a money shot of my baby next to all
the fallen soldiers.....I mean trees
Years ago I would of zipped through here not knowing what
anything looked like, today, give me a bike, camera, and blue sky,
and I will have fun
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