Hello riders, a big thanks to all of you who showed support while I
was recovering from my crash. While on my Idar-Oberstein RAW,
I was involved in an accident and it had to be the worst in all my
years of riding.

On this day I made plans for Idar-Oberstein after work for more
pictures and a RAW report. The ride was a success and I was
happy with all the pictures I took. Having my fill of the days ride I
started my Trek home only to never make it.  As I was coming
down B-270 towards K-Town a cager made an illegal left in front
of me. Needless to say I made contact and the rest is history.

By the grace of GOD and my guardian Angels, I survived and
thankfully still able to ride. My camera was destroyed but here are
a few Cellphone pics of my bike and a few pics of  injury's.

Motorcycle:  Totaled

Ninjadad.  Serious concussion, Two broken arms, 4 cracked ribs,
collapsed lungs, broken right foot and left pinky finger, and open
lacerations on my Left Knee.  Induced Chemical Coma for 4 days
to aide in healing and Trach so I could breath.
People, GOD is GOOD!!
This is what my 12R looked like before the
Idar-Oberstein trip
And this is After the Idar-Oberstein trip
And my fragile body. I tell you, what it takes
to realize you're human. Finally out of my
Coma and on the way to recovery
Oh man I fricked myself up this time. Here are
my arms staples removed showing where they
implanted the titanium rods. Broken foot and
big toe, and needless to say since the lungs were
not working I needed a little help breathing.
Broken Foot
Will I ride again
YES!  I will ride again and RAW will return for the 2009 season
RAW to Idar-Oberstein...But then again maybe not