April 2009. and just like I promised the RAW reports are back in
full swing.  This years first report finds me going to Baulmholder.  
To be honest, my plan was to go home after work and curl up to a
good book and read. However Mike and Steve wanted to see some
more roads, and who am I to turn down a good ride (smile).

We met up near Ramstein Air Base and decided to head towards
Baulmholder. Since I've been this way a few times, I decided to
lead the way. We left Ramstein and headed through
Ramstein-Misenbach and connected with the 423 heading towards
Altenglan, and then finally connecting to the 420 leading us to
Baulmholder.  Once there I decided to take them to
Idar-Oberstein because there is a church in the side of a castle I
wanted to show them.We took a few pics and made way for
home.and stopping by another castle to round out the day. From
there we headed back to Ramstein and parted ways till the next
Yes, Mike and Steve are hooked, and I wouldn't have it any
other way.
I'll need to return here to get some better shots of the Church in
the mountain. If you look up you'll see the white church at the
base of the mountain which is actually imbedded into the
mountain wall.
And on the way back home we found another castle ruin which
we decided to stop at and snap some pics.
The best thing about Europe is you'll always find a road like the
one pictured leading to or from your choosen destination.  Try it
you might like it.

Till next time.  I'm out.
Baulmholder RAW