If I tell you I got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday for a 600 mile motorcycle ride would you believe me?
I'm thinking
you think I'm one crazy MOFO! Well, this is the type of riding I do, something we call Sport Touring and it's always been my thing
I first started riding in Germany and my friends and I would be on the same twisty road hour after hour learning to drag knees
but I was always the
one wondering what's around that next bend. Finally I struck out on my own making my way to the Black Forest and from that
moment a serious
Sport Tourer was born. My plans are always simple, pick a destination and fine the twisty most scenic way to get there. The Freeway
is cool if I have to do it, but the fun is on the back roads so come along and enjoy yourself. That said, let's ride to Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, a
widely regarded as one of the best motorcycling roads in Central California due to it's premier ocean views.

As I leave the house, the sun is rapidly rising and temps are projected to be 105 degrees. I'm heading to the coast for cooler temps, my route take
on Old Pine Canyon Road where I post up on the ridge over looking 138 coming from Rosamond and decide to play with the sun for a photo.
Without the sun in our eyes, you can see the 138 snaking towards Rosamond in the distance. From my perch I'll be heading over to Frazier Park
and then Pine Mountain Club via Gorman Post road. I'm not pressed for time so back roads it will be, and not to mention there the most fun.
As the sunlight streaks down it highlights the road snaking through the mountain, this should give you a sense of how we fill
when we get 20 miles of road with nothing but more curves in the distance. You get the same feeling on Angeles Crest or
Angeles Forest Hwy, but when you throw in cars, and many weekend racers that don't give a crap about other riders you can
understand why I like the roads less traveled.
In the distance is a small secluded mountain town called...Pine Mountain Club, if you're coming this way in the early morning I hope you had
If not, you're going to loose focus real quick. As you drop into town the smell of bacon, ham, grits, eggs, toast and jam unleashes a full
frontal assault on your senses.
That's what I get for powering up with protein bars and Red Bull.

Hudson Ranch Road is a beast, and you can have as much fun as you want but I highly suggest caution on this road, especially if it's your first time
The smooth flawless turns will bait you in till that first off camber turn makes you clinch that sphincter. Hopefully you were fast enough and
don't have
to change undies...in all seriousness BE CAREFUL!
Snaking through the mountains Hudson Ranch Road finally comes to an end and connects to the 33.
I make a right heading to Maricopa and then on towards Taft before connecting with the 58 heading towards Santa Margarita.
Before I continue, I stop at McDonalds, the assault of Pine Mountain Club has won.
As I'm eating I have a wonderful conversation with Veteran Don and his wife, my apologies on forgetting her name.
Don and I exchanged war stories and other memories of our time in service for about 30 minutes or so.
But the beauty of this story is there on the eve of there 60th Wedding Anniversary, How cool is that!

Soon I have to twist the throttle because temps are rising and being in full gear heat is not my friend.
But again, Don thank you for your service and congrats on your 60th year of marriage.
Finally on the 58 and this is where I extend an apology. The beginning is tame and right when you think you're going to pull
over and take pictures, you see  that line in the distance.
As you move to investigate you're intoxicated by the pull of the
road...left, right, hairpins you can't stop moving you want more.
When you realize you've traveled through that wormhole of
curves it's over, and you find yourself once again looking into the distance.
You tell yourself you'll get pictures on the return,
but the funny thing is you find yourself in the exact same spot...Hmmm.  
Now that the wormhole space time thing is over, we find ourselves at CA-229 commonly known as Rossi's Driveway.
It's a short 5 mile stretch of road that really tickles your feet. Just watch your speed and keep your eyes open.
To much speed will have you catching air at the wrong time.
Now remember I said keep your eyes open. Rossi's Driveway has multiple turns that pull you in thinking it's a simple left or
right hand turn.
After you're fully invested you realize it's an "S" turn. One that's easily handled by an experienced rider, but
a novice will be in trouble.
And for an added danger, sand is sometimes waiting for you in the inside corner?
After Rossi's driveway, you connect with 41 for Atescadero, get fuel and rest even if you don't need it, it's always best to fill up when you can.
From here it's North on the 101 and exit Jolon  Road

Stay on Jolon road till you come to the Army Post Fort Hunter Liggett, make a left onto the post and stay on the main road until you see a bridge on
your left.
Take this bridge and make a left after you cross, You're now at the beginning of Nacimiento-Fergusson Road.
Enjoy the ride down to Pacific Coast Highway.
The road travels through the back portion of
the base, don't worry you will not be stopped,
it's a free pass road.
You'll exit the base  dropping into the woods
for a shady and cool run to the coast, be
mindful of the campgrounds and people
walking or cycling.
The pavement is littered with debris but the
road is paved all the way through. If you're
hot don't worry, soon you'll feel AC  as the
cool breeze from the Pacific hits you.
You ready? Right around the bend are the wonderful views you read about. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Now do you see why
this is regarded as
one of the best
motorcycling roads
in central California?
Here's a closer look for you, imangine rolling through this at full lean...yes it's going to suck.
Naciemento-Fergusson Rd.