Well here we are, February 2016 and the season is
underway. Juni and I just wanted to ride since we
haven't been out for a few week, but once we got into the
mountains it was clear that every other motorcyclist had
the same ride plans. This my friends is called motorcycle

We met up in the San Fernando Valley and rolled out for
Mulholland Drive, a road know to motorcyclist all over
primarily due to the popular Rock Store where Jay Leno
frequents, and a special part of Mulholland Drive called
the Snake. If this is unfamiliar to you check out
YouTube and you'll see the many motorcyclist it has
claimed. That being said, if you take the road at speed or
a little over you'll be just find.

As we approach the exit for Mulholland the sun is
already burning off the marine layer and the 70 degrees
projected is evident. We take our exit and wind up the
road for a few miles seeing bikers, motorcyclist, cagers
and a few Cops here and there...we had the chance to get
personal with a cop, but due to our speed we were not her
type (LOL).

We mosey on up the road for a few more miles and come
across this beauty that has been handed down a few
generations, something like this you can help but to
have pride in the workmanship. I love my ZX-14 and all
the other liter bikes you see on a daily basis, but there's
something to be said about the bikes that paved the way
for us...I mean look at it, that's what I call attitude.
As I talked to the guy that owned the old school Triumph, he said the Rock Store was crouded and there was no place to park so be careful going
through there. Knowing this we decided to pass up the rock store, before we started Juni asked had I ever been down Deer Creek Canyon and I said
"No" with a big smile because I was about to ride a road unknown to me...Yes let's roll.

Juni leads the way to Deer Creek Canyon and OMG! What a road...not the OMG where you can rip $hit up, but more of a leisure sport touring road
where you can take your time and enjoy the moment. To many times we get caught up on the power of these bikes and forget that sometimes it's best to
back off  and chill, but I couldn't chill because I was to busy screaming at Juni "BRO, THIS IS MY $SHIT!! BRO, THIS IS HOW I RIDE! BRO THIS IS
IT!  Yes I'm thinking he got the feeling I liked the road.
And speaking of the next adventure,

Death Valley National Park
February 20, 2016

As for the next adventure, anyone
down for a Death Valley Run?

Just like at the Rock store, Neptune's Net is packed
with bikes, we circle the parking lot once and then
decide on parking across PCH.

Lunch was awesome and we lucked up on getting a
table, but next time we might as well order and walk
back across the street and eat facing the beach...much
more scenic.

So we eat and get ready to bounce but we're treated
with a show of some guy doing wheelies up and down
PCH, upon his 5th pass he almost bit it and decided to
call it a day. we mount the bikes and head for Piuma
So this is the rear view shot, the GoPro is
on the rear swing arm..not bad...not bad.

So we play around for a few more hours
and then decide to get home to watch the
super bowl. Not that we really care that
much about it but hey it's getting dark
anyway so why not go home for the super
Thanks for showing me Deer
Creek Canyon and Stunt Road
Juni, it's been an incredible day,
can't wait for the next ride.
Malibu Mountains
Juni continues to lead the way on Deer Creek and I'm amazed at the views that appear before me. Roads snaking into the horizon and dropping off into
the valley and canyons below...I mean just look at the picture! Now imangine if you were here taking it all in with the sense of sight, smell and sound...I
call that motorcycle Bliss.

Yeah man this is how I get down, I mean I love the speed just like anyone else, but sometimes you got to chill.

Thanks for showing me the road Juni Godinez, Bro we got a lot of riding to do.
Ok you got me, so what if I've just noticed the panoramic settings on my phone (LOL). Just appreciate the fact that you're getting 300 degrees of view.

Now that you're through laughing at me, we continue toward the coast and as you can see the view just keeps getting better. It's finally approaching
lunch time so we decide on stopping at Neptune's Nest for a bite to eat.
On Piuma Road we pull over so Juni can set his GoPro at
another position on his bike. He'll be shooting from a rear
angle to capture me following him. Yes that's him in the
back of this shot sown by his bike.

Below is the view we're looking at as he adjust the
camera...I tell you man you need to get out to Malibu and
experience the canyons out here.