If you go down Smartville Road behind Beale Air Force Base you'll
come to Hwy 20, make a right and head up the road for a mile or
two. The very first road on the left will be Monney Flat Road. I've
passed this road many times thinking it was not much of a gem.
Needing something to post, I decided to ride it after work for a RAW
report.  Man was I surprised, and to make things a little sweeter, it
came out on Smartville road for an added bonus.

After I landed on Mooney Flat Road I changed my space craft into a
motorcycle so I could blend in.
Luckly youe Earth Sun blocked the Game Rays from my space ship
blocking the radar signal
Please excuse me while I morf into your human form.
Heading down Mooney Flat, there's a detour on the left side of the
road that drops down to the lake, It goes for about a mile or two. Not
to bad for a small stretch of road.
Mooney Flat Road
I come in peace, take me to your leader
I come in peace, please don't be scared of my appearance I mean you
no harm. I'm here as a motorcycle.....Oops I mean space traveler
looking for other life forms.
And where have I seen this crazy machine before...
Not a good place to hide my spaceship, it's blocking the water and
I'm sure this will bring suspicion, better move it.
Yes it should be O.K. in here till I'm ready to leave.
Perfect hiding place. Others would take this for the longest covered
bridge in the U.S., but I just look at it as my hiding place (LOL).
Yes, let me make trek for the next destination before I'm discovered.