From across the country they ride, coming to unite and pray.

Sport bike to Harley, man, woman, child, riders from all over
Germany coming to one gathering. A gathering we know as   
“Blessing of the bikes”. A time when riders come together
for the ceremonial blessing to start off the season. Some will
pray for safety during the season, and others pray for riders
who continue to ride in the after life.

This blessing is held yearly in Klausen, Germany. Thousands
of riders descend on the city  for the blessing, and on this
day my friends and I will be among the many.

Plans were made and invite sent. As with all my rides, just
show if you want to go, not really a club rider, but getting
riders together for a group ride is something I enjoy. That
being said, I've spent many days riding solo so with friends
or alone I ride. The meeting point was the local ESSO station
outside Ramstein Air Base. When I arrived it was a ghost
town so I got gas and prepared to roll out.

Upon starting my machine riders started to show and I

Riders piled in one by one, and two by two

Husband and wife, Father and son

When I thought no other riders were going to show, I pulled
everyone in for a safety briefing. We had new riders in the
bunch and I wanted them to be prepared for the planned ride.

Ten minutes later we were 15 strong rolling down the back
roads to Klausen. Heading out to join up with thousands in
hopes of being blessed for the riding season, and for one
day, remembering family, friends, and riders of yesterday.

As with most routes motorcyclist take, the scenery is
amazing, rolling hills, rivers, and twisty roads all made with
motorcyclist in mind…Oh alright, the truth of the matter is
roads in Europe are based on old horse and buggy trails
which went around farm. As time progressed and paved
roads came into play, they just paved the old horse trails
which bring us the spaghetti trail of roads.

We finally made it to Klausen and joined thousands of riders
in prayer. Along with our protective gear, we all wanted that
something extra to see us through the season.

Upon leaving the church, an olive branch is dipped in Holy
water and sprinkled on you. As the water touched my face
through the open visor I shuttered and goose bumps
covered my body. Not sure about everyone else, but I was
ready for the season.

LOL, now the hard part is leaving the city of Klausen. Four
roads converge for one exit and you basically have to wait
your turn among the other riders.

We decided to have lunch in Piesport, Germany

At an awesome little nook overlooking he Mosel River.

After Lunch some riders went there own way and a few
others followed me back to the Base.  .

This was an awesome experience as ell as a group ride. With
me being on the other side of deaths door just a year prior,
this trip had significant meaning for me and “I” for one felt
truly blessed

Not sure where I’ll be at next seasons start, but in the back of
my mind I’ll always remember the Klausen Blessing, and
before the season......

I’ll bow my head in prayer.
Blessing of the Bikes in Klausen, Germany