On this particuliar day  I got up at 0 dark 30 to ride back to San
Francisco to try and capture the photos I didn't take when I was there
a few weeks ago.  Halfway there I realized that I couldn't recapture the
moment I lost and in order to take some good pics I need to go there
when I'm not trying to recapture a moment if you know what I mean.

Needless to say I lost all drive for the drive, not to mention the winds
started kicking up and I just didn't feel like dealing with it so I took the
first exit off the 80 and it ran into Hwy 121. After a few minutes on this
road I realized I had made a great decision.

Hwy. 121 is a twisty route...Yeah just like all my other roads, but what
can I say I didn't buy a motorcycle to go in a straight line..DUH!!!! (LOL)

Hwy. 121 lead to 128 and I took that all the way to windsor and
doubled back home. If you're ever in the mood for a serious ride, you
can take the 128 from Windsor all the way to the coast for one hell of
a ride.
Hwy 121 & 128
Route 121 leading to 128 on the east end.
Yeah I know another Saturday with motorcycles..
Heading down Hwy 128 with
another road in the backdrop. Yet
again another reason to come back
out here.  Can you see the smile in
my helmet (BIG GRIN)