60th Street West stretches all the way from
Rosamond Blvd in Rosamond California all
the way to Elizabeth Lake Rd in Palmdale
California. Between these two cities is
Lancaster Ca, and this is where the road
takes shape going up and over the
California Aquaduct. After Avenue N, the
name changes from 60th St West to Goddie
Hill Road, it's a short 5 miles or so but it's
so worth the ride. Take it up and over, and
if you have time take it a few times it just
keeps getting better. Take it on over to
Elizabeth Lake R
d. and make a right. Take
this road up about 3 miles and Bouquet
Canyon Rd will be on your left. Take this
road all the way to Spunky Canyon and
have fun
Again, just something about San Francisquito Road that I don't take this road by myself. Call
it superstition or intuition...either way I will not be on this road alone...I'm just saying.

Hope you enjoyed the ride.
Godde Hill Rod
As you cross Ave. N, the road tranisitions
from 60 st west to Goddie Hill Rd. it
climbs about 1000 feet or so and once you
reach the summit it smooths out and gives
you about 5 or 10 minutes of excitement,
be careful and obey all traffic signs.

I'm rolling on a ZX-14R now, but when I
found this road I was riding a Kawasaki
Concours, fun bike...awesome bike, but I
wanted more sport.

After you make the summit and the road smooths out, remember to take it easy and obey the posted signs, things can get
tricky very quickly in these parts. If you're up there and don't know what you're doing the consequences can be deadly, and in
most cases they are
Again be careful on Goddie Hill, just as quickly as you climbed to 1K feet, it drops you twisting and turning along the
way...almost begging you to test it but don't do it. There's a blind 180 degree decreasing radius turn that's ready to sink it's
teeth into some motorcycle meat.  
Take the short ride on Elizabeth Lake Rd to Bouruet Canyon, make a left and enjoy the ride to Spunky. The road has some
very nice scnery and you can take it all the way to Santa Clarita which is another great ride.
Looking back on the Reservoir, Bouquet Canyon is on the other side of the lake, the road you see below is Spunky Canyon Rd. It
snakes for about 5 miles over to San Francisquito Canyon. I've taken this road once but tend to stay off of it because I never get a good
feeling about this road. Other riders have taken it...so maybe I should say don't ride this road alone, I know I'll never do it again...yes
just something about this road.