Some times a ride just can’t be planned. Especially on days when the sun is shinning and you want to catch it
before it goes away.  Johanniskreuz, a little place I like to call the Playground popped into my head, next thing
you know I had my leathers on and the  playground as my destination. Once I got there, to my surprise the spot
where people normally gather was empty. Then I  remembered it was Friday, a normal workday for everyone.  I
snapped a few pics and  jumped back on my bike and was heading home since ther was no eletricity in the air.
Half way down the road I said “What the #uck�, the sun is out I’m going to ride. I turned around and
headed deeper into the forest on B48 heading towards Annweiler. For some strange reason the Black Forrest
popped into my head and I just stayed on the throttle smiling all the way. It's been three years since I've rode the
roads of Germany, and being back was like being at home.
Another Daily Ride
Since this ride was unplanned, my initial destination was the playground, when the lot was empty my plan
changed to just riding, that's when the Black Forest and Freudenstadt popped into my head. I had planned on
being out only an hour or so, 6 hours later I was still rolling
Anyway as I was riding and learning the bike I soon realized I was smiling and signing under my helmet because I
was happy.  Happy to be riding and going into the unknown. On this day I didn’t even have a map which
would prove to work against me as the ride went on. To make this story short, I ended up in Freudenstadt and had
planned on going all the way to Triberg for the worlds largest Coo Coo Clock. However, once I got to
Freudenstadt the Esso (Gas Station that takes the military gas coupons)  that I knew had closed down, and I had
no idea where another one was, and no matter who I asked, they had no idea either. I ended up putting 15 Euro in
the tank and started the trek back home. I wasn’t to upset because bad weather had moved in as well so it was
best to turn around.
 On my way out I took a few pics and I hope you enjoy them.  Years past I would zoom through here and not
think twice about the area. I'm a little older now and sometimes I just want to take it slow. I've  added the  route
for those of you that want to venture out.  But please remember to tone it down and be safe,  these back roads can
pull you in into thinking you can just lay on the throttle and next thing you know you’re rolling up on a
hairpin turn with no runoff and a very short braking distance. Bottom line, ride like you got some sense, and if
you got something to prove, TAKE IT TO THE TRACK!!