Journey through the European
24 June 2006
Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy
Hard to believe it's been 7 years since my first Alpine adventure, and I still can't express what it does to me when I'm high in the
mountains riding my bike mile after mile, curve after curve.  And just as I stated back in 1998, "Words can't describe what I see". If
you ride motorcycles, or even just enjoy driving, you owe it to yourself to make this trip at least once in your life.

Anyway, my plan was to be on the road for two weeks, but due to bad weather moving in I decided to head home early. After one
night of camping, the next morning I was met with a cloudy sky and by mid-day the  wind and rain had moved in and I had to find a
place to stay in a hurry. By this time I was in the Austrian Alps and do to the rain coming down and darkness quickly falling, I could
not pop my tent and was forced to find a room. Needless to say I was prepared to spend some serious dollars, but was very surprised
when all I had to pay was 36 Euro ($42.00). By the time it was over I had stayed 3 nights.  Oh what a joy it was, and now I know cheap
hotels exist in the Alps, I think I can cut camping out of my next trip....Maybe.

By the time it was all over, I had ridden close to 1800 miles over an 8 day period, and stayed in a very  wonderful hotel with great
accomodations, and I wont even begin to talk about the sauna and dinner. So, come with me on my tour through the following pictures
and maybe one day you can ride with me.
At this point I've been on the road
for almost an hour, it's one of my
usual rest stops before I start the
serious riding. From here it's on to
Baden Baden which is the mouth of
the Black Forest and some great
riding down the B-500
2005 ZX-12R fully loaded and
ready to rock. By the normal
standards it's a sport bike, but to
me it's the begining of the
HyperSport Touring. You would
not believe in these bags I have
my tent, a weeks worth of cloths,
undies and socks, all of my
important documents, sleeping
bag, air matress and pump, and
many other needed items.  Oh the
joys of camping.
Working my way from
Germany into Switzerland,
as you can see the Alps are
in plain view and they await
my arivial. Although the
Alps appear close, there
actually a days ride away.
Continuing onward, if
you look at the above
pic, you will see how the
roads have taken me to
the other side and you
can get the feeling of just
how far I've rode
You can't see it here,
but I'm coming down
from the mountains and
I'm dropping some
2000 meters on a twisty
road going through
Buchs, Switzerland. My
current destination is
Lichstenstein, a little
country that is bordered
by Switzerland,
Germany, and Austria
Just a little closer to
Lichstenstein,and the
start of the first pass I
plan to hit. I believe the
pass is a toll road now
and we have to pay
about 5 Euro to cross.A
little fee that is well
worth it.
. For whatever reason I
end up by passing the
Boden Sea in Konstance
and ended up at another
camp ground which was
just as nice. Later on in
the tour I find myself
riding past the Boden sea
again heading towards