As daylight breaks I'm up and
ready for another day of riding.
A day of finding new another day
of riding. A day of finding new
roads and meeting new riders.
But for now it is only I.

The plan today is Goodde Road
over to Bouquet and then over to
Little T and the normal loop
back around on Angeles Forest
The morning is calm and as I listen to the
smooth beats of Bob Marley I want to stay
here for the entire day.

Don't you worry about a thing, cause
every little thing is gonna be all right

With the sun quickly rising, I make tracks up
and over the foothills to drop into the valley
of turns.
At this time of morning the air is cool and the
streets are clear, Only noise I hear is from the
birds chirping.
Just one more for good measure

I know you like the ride (lol)
ride. Sometimes things just cath your eye
and you have to stop and enjoy the
Yes, this is why we're here
Bouquet Canyon Reservoir below,
and if you notice it's the overview
of the curve above.

I stay here for a while taking in the view.
Then it's off to continue the ride
Down Bouquet and on to Little T, this has got to
As mindful of where you are and what you're doing. What we do is fun, but one mistake can be disastrous
All in all this has been a serious kick @ss day
Sherman Pass