Comanche Point Road
Fall is setting in and temperatures are starting
to cool. Looking towards the sky the sun is
hanging a lot lower than it was 2 months ago. As
your eyes focus on the mountain ridge just
below the sun you see a plume of dust rising to
the sky. You think for sure it has to be dirt
bikes, quad runners or some type of dual
purpose motorcycle right…think again.
Yes it’s more crazy antics from Suzi and Anthony
taking motorcycles where they just don’t fricken
need to be. I’m crazy enough on my own, but
going up this road on my Concourse I had but
one question, how crazy is this lady following me
on her GSX-750F (Milo)?

While you ponder that, I’ll start the story.

While I was out last week just riding around Tehachpi finding new roads.I came upon Banducci Road that took me to Comanche Point. Running out of
day light I decided to turn around at Comanche and Badger Court. For sure this would be my next adventure.
The day was more than just a ride to a local road. I passed the Tehachipi Loop and found the Chavez Memorial Museum. Not that it was every lost,
but I had no idea it was even back here..More on this story later.
After lunch we would head towards Arvin and connect with
Comanche Point road from the north end.
Yes, it sounded like a good idea at the time. As a matter
of fact if you own a quad or some other bike designed for
the dirt it would be an excellent idea…but noooooo we
have street bikes.
Up the hill we go on the hard graded dirt.
Finally getting to the first of four gates that need to be
opened and closed to prevent the cattle from getting

We go through cautiously and not seeing any
trespassing signs we continue on..Yeah I know,
one would think common sense would have kicked
in right?

Well the hard dirt turned into a rocky mixture still good
enough to ride and the quest for adventure was in full
swing.  Not even 2 miles later we had our first pucker
factor when the compact dirt gave way to deep sand ruts.
No cause for immediate danger but a pucker none the
less, and yes Suzi still in tow.

Tarantula Spider on his way to see Charlotte and help with a

Soon I had become comfortable on this dirt trail…becoming
one with the forces of nature because after all...


We roll through the fourth gate and see what's known as civilization 5 miles after this we
were back on solid ground. We contacted Space command and deployed perimeter
beacons so no other explorers will travel here.

At this point we're thinking we're stuck in the middle of nowhere and loosing daylight quickly. Funny thing is we've been to far to turn back
now. The dirt is becoming deeper and we're getting ready to travel through the 4th Gate to who knows where...