What's up Riders, just another year of riding and trying to get
riders, especially Base riders into Sport Touring. I've spent
years riding and just like you started out ripping and running
from one curve to the next. Never stopping to "Smell the
Roses" as they say. That is until one day in Germany I was
telling a friend of all the rides I go on and how I just came
from the Black Forest....And he asked me "How did it look"?

And to be honest, I couldn't answer him. So I decided to turn
it down a notch and buy a camera to take pictures and share
my stories.

I'm not in Germany for the moment, but the rides continue
as I now blaze a trail across California.

I'm starting to meet riders now and it's a strange thing to see
some turn away because I'm not riding a "Sport Bike"!  Oh
well not my hang up, I welcome all riders. So leave your
attitudes at home and come on out for some fun.

LMAO!!!!! oh man what fun this is...
California Riding
No, I'm not a Power Ranger...
Somewhere on Hwy 36, just enjoying the California Sun