Caliente Bodfish  Road is right off Hwy 58 heading to
Bakersfield. A little further up the road is the
Comanche Road exist that will connect you to
Breckenridge Road...another tasty treat for your
motorcycle pleasure. But today our focus
will be on
Caliente Bodfish Road.

The roads starts out very tame as you overlook the
rolling hills, but keep your eyes on the road. After the
quick S turns you're meet with a hard left hander and
this is where the fun begins. It quickly dies out but
picks up again as you head into the mountains.
This sign is the indication that you've made it to
the real begining. If you keep to the right it's an
eaiser ride going around the basin but it will
lead you back around to Caliente Bodfish. If
you keep to the left...OHHH NELLIE, and keep
your eyes on the road, there's a lot of dirt on the
road and
not much run off.
If you want an easy day at the office head down Cal Creek Road. If you came to make some money keep to the left..Just be
careful of the road
, cows, chickens, snakes, bicyclist and lots of turns.

Once upon a time there was water in Lake Isabella. This pic was taken in 2012. It's now 2016 and the lake is bone dry...Come
on El Nino!
I continued on to Route 50 and on to Rt 190 which took me to the Valley of the giants. That's when the
batteries ran out on my camera.
Guess I'll have to ride the road again stay tuned for updates.
Caliente Bodfish Road