Kawasaki C-14
$hit...I got orders back to the States, WTF!!!

Well it's official, I'm in California and my ZX-14 is dead,
investigation has revealed a snapped connecting rod. And
since I didn't get the extended warranty, the bill is all on me.
So what are my options:

1) Repair cost is $5640.23 which is a rebuilt engine

2) Buy a new engine..oh, called Kawasaki and they don't         
provide new engines in the states.

3) Buy a new bike....I'M ALL SMILES...

From that first ride on the mini bike I was hooked.
From minis to mopeds and Honda to Kawasaki
I've ridden in the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland,
Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, and England,
I've crashed, lost friends, and have even seen riders die.
20 years of riding and some say I should give it up.
But I say never, I'll continue my ride outs in California.

Hope to see you there.

And if you think this Big Kat can't roll, you better think again.


The Sleeper is still awake.
#uck first major ride and my ZX-14 is DOA.
Inspection revealed a snapped  connecting rod.
How in the hell does that happen?
2009 Kawasaki Concours
Yeap, once again I find myself with a new frickin motorcycle.