You know it’s going on 6 weeks that I have not thrown my leg
over the saddle, for some reason I’ve been in a serious slump for
riding. Strange thing is I really hadn’t thought about it till I sat
down in front of the computer with the plan of doing Job Searches
due to my pending retirement from the U.S. Air Force after 20+
years of service. Needless to say I dropped a book on the
keyboard and it hit my special PASHNIT key…Well the site is up
might as well lurk a little and see what the riders have been up to.

I searched the forum and happened on a post from a lady calling
herself Demenshea, the post was about her ride when she went
to  go pick up her “Husbands” new bike (read her story and you'll
know why husband is in quotes) from Los Angeles. This was a
great read and through her pictures and storyline I see she had a
great time on the return trip home. And just like that I had the urge
to ride again. I wanted to go explore Hwy 168….

I often said retirement will not affect me, but that was so far from
the truth. Fact of the matter is, I've been affected and it has spilled
over into my riding or the lack there of. For the past 6 weeks I’ve
been consumed with searching for jobs and moving back to
Europe that I forgot about "now"…  I forgot about the great
California roads, I forgot the fact  that sometimes you just need to
ride and let life will work itself out later. So thanks Demenshea
and PASHNIT for getting my butt back in the saddle.  

Well believe it or not I’m up at the crack of dawn and ready to ride.
I pulled over on Hwy 70 to take the first picture. From here I’ll
blaze a trail to Hwy 50 headed for Placerville.

First Petrol stop on Hwy 50 right outside of Placerville.

Hwy 50 within itself is very scenic, loads of photo ops like this
detailing the beginning of Fall.

And let’s not forget the real reason we’re here.  Roads and
curves!!  I mean this is my first time on Hwy 50 and I’m really
impressed. To put things in perspective I don’t even care about
ticket anymore, when that day comes I’ll simply say “OH THIS IS

Heading towards the peak of Hwy 50 I encounter snow from last
weeks storm.  Don’t know what it is about motorcycles, snow, and
I, but we always seem to find each other.

Oh and I know you Pashnites know this wonderful place, Hwy 50
overlooking Lake Tahoe. Yeah well I will not be going there today;
I need to cut across the Luther Pass for the 395.

Well I blazed through the Luther Pass because I didn’t like the way
the weather was looking. Luckily for me the Monitor pass was still
open and I can make it to Hwy 395.

On to Monitor Pass, So this is what it looks like at 8000 feet in
elevation… and just like Demenshea relayed in one of her post,
the silence is really deafening. Let me take a moment and partake
in the ready made lunch of a PBJ sandwich (peanut butter & jelly),
apple and some smoking hot coffee from my thermos.  No, no
pictures of me eating, I was hungry and the scene was that of a
shark feeding frenzy.

Full with nourishment and drink I am back on the road.
Headed…….That way….

Still on the Monitor  Pass right before 395. the view up here is
unreal. I was so mesmerized by the scenic view that I forgot to
stop and take pictures with the exception of this one…Has this
ever happened to anyone else, the view is so amazing that you
forget to take pictures?

From this point I made it to Bridgeport and filled up with petrol,
popped a Motrin and decided to head back home. Not to far from
168, but it will have to happen another day. The 6 week hiatus
from riding kicked my backside and I was happy I made it this far.
I packed the camera and just enjoyed the ride back home smiling
along the way.
Ride to Bridgeport CA