You know some days I have no idea where to begin? True enough I
get up and start my daily routine but when it comes to the actual
day...Where do I begin?

Even when the day is planned, you're often caught off guard by that
phone call or e-mail listing additional task that have you asking
where do I begin?

Well it's Saturday and today I begin by leaving the phone muted and
not turning on my PC, there will be no additional task today. Don't
even have to pack it was done last night, and I even have my
motorcycle in the direction of "get the hell out of here" so when I
wake...I can get the hell out of here.  

I've invited a few riders to join me on Breckenridge Road, let's see
who want to begin there day with a Sport Touring ride.
This picture takes place half way
through the ride, but I'll begin here
because it's the only time I captured us
together. From left to right you have me
(Anthony) on my Kawasaki ZX-14R,
Jack on his Suzuki Hayabusa, and Bill
on his Honda CBR.

We could have taken group shot before
leaving Rosamond but I was so happy to
see riders I wanted to get moving before
they changed there mind.
That said, let's get on with the
the beginning.
We left Rosamond via Rosamond Blvd making a
left on 90th street west which turns into
Tehachapi Willow Springs Road. This takes us
through the wind mills where we connect with
Highline Road which we take straight to
Banducci Road and connecting to Old Town
Road as we get closer to our destination
We take Old Town Road all the way to Woodford-Tehachapi Road snaking along the Tehachapi Loop.
This is where the ride begins to take shape. I mean the entire ride is cool, but if you came for the twisties this is it.
If you venture out this way keep three things in mind:

Woodford-Tehachapi Road is technical, keep your focus, it's not forgiving if you make a mistake.
2. Tehachapi Loop is worth seeing when the train comes through...OMG a must see.
3. The Cesar Chavez National Momument / Museum is worth a stop.

Back to the ride, pictured above is Jack and Bill having fun with the curves.
You see the road snakes forever through the bought water right?
This barren grassland last for about twenty miles before you find yourself in the forest
where the shade brings relief from the heat and not to mention it's time for lunch.
The road snaking through the bush leads
us to Caliente-Bodfish Road where we
head for home. I would take a left for
Lake Isabella but I think this is enough
for Bills first time out.
We have our fun on Woodford-Tehachapi Road, but after this we have a 20 minute ride on Hwy 58 to exit Comanche Drive.
Make a right and be sure to stop at the Shell station for fuel and snacks if you didn't bring a lunch.
Breckenridge Road is 42 miles, and when you add in breaks and photo ops it's going to be a long scenic ride.
Caliente-Bodfish, is the next road you come to, Left turn takes you to Bodfish, right takes you to 58 / Tehachapi...your call.

Getting back to Breckenridge Road, 42 miles of open road that starts off simple on black asphalt, but you soon find yourself
in a grassy wasteland. At first you think it's nothing special until you crest that first ridge..
Jack takes a picture of me rolling through
the forest.
Hmmm, where is  bill?
Never mind, there's Bill
As we come out of the forest were greeted
with a view of Lake Isabella in the
distance, years ago when there was water
the view was more Lake Isapuddle.
Sport Touring is an enjoyable way to see the
countryside on your bike of choice, it matters not
what you ride as long as you come to ride.
We have fun  when the road gets good, but I
caution everyone to stay within your skill range.
The consequences of being a hot head is not
worth it.
Jack, Bill, thanks for coming along and I hope you guys had a great time on the ride.

For those that missed it don't worry. We're in California there's always time to 2WHEEL4FUN.

Hope to see you guys on the road.
Breckenridge Road Again.