Breckenridge Road, oh me oh my...think of a
simpler time when all you needed was food and
drink. Breckenridge Road is just that,
bring your
thermos of coffee or tea
, a few bottles of water
and a nice lunch because once you get rolling
there's nothing but road, grass and trees for the
next 46 miles or so. If it's your first time out you
might get a little discouraged, but
keep pushing.

The scenery quickly gives way to a ribbon of
road snaking through the hills in the distance
You finally get in tune with the road, but just like
a master musician
it switches the beat and in the
of an eye it goes from rolling hills to rolling
through a forest which is a blessing in disguise
depending on the time of year. As you descend
out of the forest you come to open vistas
overlooking Lake Isabella way in the distance. As
you keep pushing you'll come out on Caliente
Bodfish road. Turning right connect you to Hwy
58, and turning left takes you to Lake Isabella.
ow much energy do you have left?
When I first traveled this road, fresh tarmac had been layed but
there was some serious ruts in the road from cars driving on it to
soon. After the first mile or so it was smooth sailing.

The route is very tame with no surprises, just keep a level head
and enjoy the ride.
Watch out for cows. If the road is completely
blocked just blow your horn they will move.
Tarmac is new for the first few miles, after that
it's the normal grey color and snakes through
the hills for miles on end. This is truly one of
those enjoyable rides.
If you tire of twisty roads snaking through
the foothills, don't worry it's only
temporary. After doing the road dance for
15 miles or so you'll ride into the forest
which is the second part of this ride. If it's
the summer time you'll enjoy the cooler
Third phase of this ride is coming out of the
mountains and riding along the ridge of
Breckenridge Road. If it's been a good
winter you'll be able to see Lake Isabella in
the distance filled with water
Coming down the hill you'll run into the
National Forest sign where you can pull
over to rest and talk about the ride if you
wish. From this point Caliente Bodfish
road is about 8 miles or so down the hill.

And that is Breckenridge road, if you still
got energy or lots of daylight, make a left
and head to Lake Isabela for lunch.

Most days after this ride I go home
because although it's a short ride, the sun
has beat you up and drained you of
energy. But rest often, rehydrate, and use
your head. The road will always be here.