Well today marks the official first ride of the season, and just as years past, I set it off with my annual ride to the
Black Forest joined by Steve, and two newcomers Michael, and Ty. That’s right I said “Newcomer�, the
word that makes a veteran motorcyclist cringe with fear. I rode with Mike once showing him the way to
Johanniskeruz (JK), and only met Ty 2 days before the ride. Needless to say all kind of thoughts crept into my
mind…But the only one that mattered was when I said to myself “I invited the riders so the pace and
responsibility are mine�. I repeated this once again under my helmet and theses words put me at ease and made
for one of the best rides in a long time.

We left Vogelweh on the B-270 heading for JK on the B-48 keeping in mind Mike had only been here once, and
this was Ty’s first time ever, I needed a way to let them know of the tricky curves, because we all know,
decreasing radius and off camber turns have a way of really #ucking up your day. Steve and I settled on using our
flashers at curves we thought were a little risky, giving advanced warning to Mike and Ty. Not that they couldnâ
€™t read the signs, but every little bit helps. It’s kind of like the British commercial with the guy on the
Ducati and every impending danger is written on the road ahead ensuring a safe ride.

We rode for about 30 minutes and I pulled into the rest stop at JK for a little break/safety brief on the roads
ahead, and I wanted to assure them that I wasn’t babying them with the flashers but they quickly interrupted
and said “oh no we appreciate it; we have families to go home to!�. Mature and responsible riders…I like it.

Back on the bikes heading down the B48 towards the B10, dropping into Bad Bergzebern for breakfast at
McDonalds and then on to Baden-Baden for that needed bathroom break. Snaked up to Gernsbach for fuel and
doubled back to the B500 snaking through the black forest towards Triberg and then back home. Yes it was a
wonderful day to ride, and there’s nothing like sharing it with friends.
Weekend Ride to the Black Forest
April 4, 2009
Ty, I met two days before the trip in the BX parking lot. Can you believe he asked “are
any good places to ride around here?� (ha ha). After talking with him for a few minutes
and getting a feel for his mindset I invited him on the ride, and to my surprise he showed. I
wonder if he's still asking if there are places to ride?
Ty, Mike, and Steve posting up at Johanniskreuz righ befor the ride out to the Black Forest.
And I'm Anthony, as you can see,
we've departed JK and the ride has
begun. This is a little stop on the way
to Bad Bergzebern. One of these days
I'll tour the castle ruins in the
Steve and I have been on the road a few times together and he’s a great rider and one hell of a
mechanic!  Steve has scrubbed off his speed and dropped his beast into the turn.
Michael has been in Germany for a while, but this is his first summer in Germany and after telling
him of all my riding adventures he asked if he could come along on my journeys. Here he is for
the first time in the Black Forest. Look at that head motion, just were his head should be looking
through the turn.
And here's a pic of one of the worlds largest Coo-Coo Clocks.  And by this pic you should know that
we made it to our destination of Triberg. Shortly after this pic was taken it started to rain so I cut the
trip short and made a B-line for home.  At the end of the day we all arrived home safely and I think
the other riders really enjoyed themselves.  See you on the next ride-out.
And yes next time we'll remember to take mor pictures.