Well I finally made it back to Bouquet
Canyon Road (BCR) and I had a very nice
ride. I was feeling so relaxed that I ended
up going to my Aunts house after the ride
to. Might not seem like anything special,
but it's been a year since I last seen her.
The older I get the more I realize that every
day is special, and sometimes a surprise
visit will do wonders
Bouquet Canyon Road
Yes friends, this is not the begining of BCR,
but it's where the fun really begins. As soon
as you pass Spunky Canyon Road, get your
game face on. Road surface is a little rough
but you shouldn't have any surprises. Just
keep an eye out for sand and maybe a
rodent or two running across the road.

I managed to take a few pictures because to
be honest you don't want to stop once you
get to the good parts. I think this stretch is a
good 15 miles or so and it's loaded with
Blind Curves, 90 degree left and rights.
Basically it makes you say oh nelley.
Looking to the North is Spunky Canyon Road
which is also a great road, well worth the travel
even if it is only 5 miles long.
After the waterfall this road snakes deeper into
the canyon with many S-Turns along the way.
Some simple, and some not so simple. Take this
turn for example, it may look like
a simple "S"
Turn, but
this one turns into a downhill blind left
hairpin which is followed by a serious switchback

that if you're not careful you're into the guard
rail or into the other lane where on coming traffic
may greet you.

Also, you may run into a string of cars or two, be
mindful of where you split traffic, there are
passing lanes on this road you just have to wait
for them..If you can't,  make sure the driver
knows you plan on splitting and make sure there
is no oncoming traffic.

If you're a novice rider take your time and learn
the road, heck you can even enjoy the scenery if
you like,
just don't crash or hurt yourself.
Check out the hidden waterfall...Yes today I wasn't
going fast on the road, just taking my time and
enjoying life's little treasures.

And I forgot to mention, there are loads of pull
outs on this road as well, so when you least expect
it a car or truck may come out. just be prepared
and stay focused
And the road even comes with a few rock
formations. Honestly, if you're zooming through
here at warp speed, you'll miss some beautiful
scenery. There's also a little dinner out this way,
I've never stopped but there's always loads of
motorcycles at the spot.
So if you get time be sure to swing by Bouquet Canyon Road for some
fun, there's always a biker or two on the road. And just like with any road,
think safe and be safe.

Catch you on the next Road report.